Our surgical services

  • upper extremities (hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder gridle)
  • lower extremities (metatarsal bone, ankle, lower leg, tibial plateau)
  • ligament- and cartilage surgery (shoulder, ellbown knee, ankle joint,) Schulter-, Ellbogen-, Knie-, Sprunggelenk – according to state of art methods
  • cruciate ligament surgery
  • meniscus surgery
  • surgery after shoulder dislocation (luxation)
  • Hallux Valgus
  • Hammer toe
  • kin case of knee replacement surgery
  • in case of hip joint replacement surgery

In the practice center there are two operating theatres and a recovery station. This allows us to carry out surgical treatment of most injury largely on a daily basis in the Medicent or occasionally at our partner location of the Sportclinic Zillertal.


For medical interventions, which require a longer in-patient stay, the private clinic Hochrum can be offered as a hospital.


Thus, our surgical spectrum ranges from the treatment of simple injuries of tendon ligaments and bones to the artificial joint replacement of hip and knee (prosthesis).


Our Wiki will provide you with detailed information on injuries and treatment methods.