Costs & Insurance

The Unfallpraxis Medicent Innsbruck is the only practice with all the Austrian health insurance contracts for trauma surgery in Innsbruck.


This way we try to be a relieving alternative to the regional outpatient clinics on this field.


Due to efficient organization and networking with other practices in-house and operative facilities a broad range of care can provided.


Currently our opening hours are from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday. In order to relieve us organizationally an appointment within these times is helpful. It is in the nature of trauma surgery that most of the injuries happen unplanned, which is why there cannot be an absolute guarantee of deadline compliance.


In addition to refundable outpatient services, we offer operational services and other non-refundable services, which u will find out via notice at our reception desk or via an estimate of costs.


Should you have any questions regarding your refund of costs or your estimated treatment costs, our qualified employees will assist you with their advice.

  • Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse (TGKK)
  • Beamtenkrankenkasse (BVA)
  • Versicherung der öster. Eisenbahnen (VAEB)
  • Versicherung der gewerblichen Wirtschaft (SVA)
  • Versicherung der Bauern (SVB)

In the case of a temporary stay in Austria, we are able to charge outpatient and inpatient costs directly to numerous foreign insurances. This includes:


  • Techniker Krankenkasse
  • Allianz Gruppe (AWP)
  • AOK (ausgenommen Hessen, Sachsen Anhalt, AOK +)
  • DAK
  • Debeka
  • Huk Coburg
  • Europ Assistance
  • Cega Group
  • Euro Center Czech
  • Euro Cross
  • DKV

for surgical supply:



After an accident with all accident insurances – depending on the policy.

In the case of a lack of insurance coverage instalment payments for surgical supplies are possible. After a deposit of 500, – Euro up to 12 equal instalments can be arranged. Prerequisite is a direct debit agreement which makes it possible on our part to collect the corresponding amount monthly.

  • medical aids
  • vaccination
  • shokwave therapy (retention around 110€)
  • Inflitration supported by imaging method (105€)
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