Veins days

Varicose veins or varices (from the Latin word “varix” for node) are sacculate or cylindrically dilated, superficial veins.


Untreated varicose veins can lead to serious health consequences, that’s why varicose veins should not just be seen as a cosmetic problem.


The tendency to varicose veins is usually hereditary. In addition, besides the fact of hereditary disposition, certain risk factors as e.g. lack of exercise, being overweight, long periods of sitting/standing, increase the occurrence of varicose veins.


Often, discomforts such as heavy and swollen legs in the evening, eczema and itching, or local variceal formation are indications of damage to the venous valves. Therefore, a examination via a specialist should be done as early as possible, that an adequate treatment will be initiated. The treatment strategy can range from wearing compression stockings, through sclerotherapy, to removing or eliminating the damaged veins.


Veins Health Day September 28, 2018


Location: Sportclinic Zillertal
Dr. Gerhard Hafele
Specialist in Surgery and Vascular Surgery


Vein information – Risk assessment – Vein check-up – Modern diagnostics and therapy – Adjustment of compression stockings


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